• Am Golfplatz 3 • 23669 Timmendorfer Strand

Nordplatz: The High Art of Play

On this slightly hilly course with a total length of 6,311 metres, every golfer, no matter what their skill level, will get their money's worth – be it the experts, because the course demands strategy and playing skill; the beginners, because the North course gives them a fair golfing experience.


  • Size: 85 ha
  • Lenghts: 6,311 meters
  • Key course data: 18 holes, par 72
  • Slope/CR: 130/70,9 (yellow); 128/74,0 (red)
  • Architekt: Dr. B. von Limburger
  • Difficults: Stv. 0-36,0

Südplatz: One personality

Small, but nice and not to be underestimated, this course is situated around the picturesque Oeverdieker Lake and is ideal for a quick round. The Südplatz is suitable for beginners who prefer somewhat shorter courses on their first rounds, but also for experts who want to work on their precision.


  • Size: 50 ha
  • Lengts: 3.603 meters
  • Key course data: 18 holes, par 61
  • Slope/CR: 105/59,9 (yellow); 98/59,9 (red)
  • Architekt: Dr. B. von Limburger
  • Difficulties: Stv. 0-PR


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